Is MegaConverter.net free to use?

    Yes, the service is 100% free and no registration will be required!

Which portals are supported?

    We currently support 15 portals:
    YouTube | Dailymotion | Vimeo | Facebook | Metacafe | VK | SoundCloud | Instagram | AOL | RedTube | XVideos | Pornhub |     Vevo | Google Drive | Twitter

Which video and audio formats are supported?

    Audio: .acc | .m4a | .mp3 (128kb) | .mp3 (256kb) | .mp3 (320kb)
    Video: .3gp | .mp4 | .mkv | .f4v | .web

What is the maximum length of a video / audio so that it can be converted?

    You can convert videos with a maximum length of 90 minutes and audio "unlimited"!

Is there a program or an app MegaConverter.net?

    No, we are and will remain an online converter that is only available via a browser!

Supported Portals YouTube, SoundCloud, Vimeo, Facebook,
and more !!
File Editor Cut files to any length, add metadata, and insert MP3 cover art.
Cloud Support Save your files directly to the Dropbox or OneDrive Cloud.
Mobile Support Support for iOS, Windows Phone and Android devices.